Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Literacy History

I first learned my letters when I was in kindergarden. It was kind of difficult for me because when I started saying the alphabet and I forgot a letter I would just say some other letter that I already said. My teacher read to me sometimes my mom read to me too. I liked it when someone read to me because I just sat their and relaxed and listened what my teacher or mom was reading about. The first book I ever read was The Cat in the Hat and the Three Little Pigs but I read The Cat in the Hat more . I kind of like reading on my own but it was kind of difficult reading for me because I could not read some words . I first started to write my name in kindergarden I felt good for myself because I never knew how to spell my name. I was kind of excited to know how to write and read. I was kind scared of going to school because their other people that I didn't knew. Writing for me was kind of a issue my hand writing was really awful and I could not know what letters were in the word and some of my letters look like scribbles. I still remember when my teacher gave a piece a paper with line on the top and the bottom and cut lines in the middle and a capitals letters were needed to fill the from the bottom line  to the top line and for  lowercase was from bottom to the middle line.

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