Friday, January 29, 2016



Appearance and size  
  • Piranhas could grow up to 8 or 15 inches long 
  • They swim in a group call shoals
  •      Piranhas eat  their  young 
  Piranha are interesting animals from small little to big dangerous creatures. Piranhas swim in a group call shoals. If a predator attacks one of the piranhas the group will attack the predators. A piranha could actually grow to 8 to 15 inches. When a piranha does not have no food they eat their young.(Active wild)

Monday, January 11, 2016


paragraph 1
  • Makes a lot of money 
  • her life is parties etc 
  • A lot of excited fans 
  • Has every thing she wants 

Paragraph 2

  • Once a disney super star 
  • Was loved for a role model 
  • Billy Ray Star upset 
  • Fans upset of R-Rated 
  • Brags about doing Drugs and other stuff 

Paraphrase paragraph

    Miley has anything a girl could wish. She has a bunch of money from all of her concerts. Her life is parties costly clothes and photo shoots. Were ever she goes excited fans follow her to her concerts.

     She was once a disney super star by the show called Hannah Montana. Family though that she was a really great role model for young girls. She brags about using drugs for fun makes inappropriate comments on TV. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus says that he is upset of letting act in the show Hannah Montana and he does not like how she act's. Parents are upset of all the horrible things she does.7 m