Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mutations blog

 That a mutation could be good or bad
Two headed turtle because their are no turtles with two heads
I really like to sketch note  cause is a way I could understand
Pay more attention to the video

Monday, October 31, 2016

First 8th grade blog

My name is Oscar I am 13 years old. I go to freedom middle school. What I like about 8th grade is going to the basketball and soccer games. I think I am doing pretty good but I need to pay attention and ask for help when I do not get it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Literacy History

I first learned my letters when I was in kindergarden. It was kind of difficult for me because when I started saying the alphabet and I forgot a letter I would just say some other letter that I already said. My teacher read to me sometimes my mom read to me too. I liked it when someone read to me because I just sat their and relaxed and listened what my teacher or mom was reading about. The first book I ever read was The Cat in the Hat and the Three Little Pigs but I read The Cat in the Hat more . I kind of like reading on my own but it was kind of difficult reading for me because I could not read some words . I first started to write my name in kindergarden I felt good for myself because I never knew how to spell my name. I was kind of excited to know how to write and read. I was kind scared of going to school because their other people that I didn't knew. Writing for me was kind of a issue my hand writing was really awful and I could not know what letters were in the word and some of my letters look like scribbles. I still remember when my teacher gave a piece a paper with line on the top and the bottom and cut lines in the middle and a capitals letters were needed to fill the from the bottom line  to the top line and for  lowercase was from bottom to the middle line.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Night john Illiterate

            My life will be terrible I will not have a job or I probably pass my test cause I will not be able to read any of the question or not even drive cause they will give you a book to study and what to do when you start driving. also if a family member is sick and I want to send them a letter i will not know how to write also if I went to the store and I want to go to a specific place i will not know were to find it. I will no be able to read mail that someone send me like if I need to pay taxes or if I need to pay some bills or rent if could not even read or write. I will not even know what is happening in the world if i could not read a newspaper. I may not even have a job cause most of the jobs you need to learn how to read or write.    

Friday, March 18, 2016


The topic of the story is all about Jackie Robinson and how hey got  singed and how he need to take the yelling

Jackie Robinson was a veteran for the United States. He join the olympics with his older brother. He try out for the red sox but they said that they were not going to accept him cause of his skin color. So the manager  of the Brooklyn Dodgers sing Jackie with out telling anybody and when they say him play everybody will like him when he play .                            

Friday, March 4, 2016


The conflict of a Bad Case of Stripes is when Camilla, the main character, had a bad case of stripes she turn into a lot of different shapes and patterns.Camilla was afraid to go to school because she thought that the other kids will make fun of her of her stripes. An old women came to help a gave Camilla some lime of beans. The theme of the story is to be yourself and who cares what other persons thinks about.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Paper Reflection

       I did well by not plagiarizing form other website and putting on my own words. I also did well in my notes card of finding good websites not those hoaxes websites. The hardest thing from doing my paper was when I needed to edit and some stuff I did not understand from editing my paper like my endenting,  another thing that was hard was the conclusion I had a lot of trouble of doing the closing thoughts and the restate thesis.  What should I do better next is to ask question of things I do not understand and to look at posters that Ms. Parker have up in the walls the other thing a want to do is to read read my paper before I publish .

Friday, January 29, 2016



Appearance and size  
  • Piranhas could grow up to 8 or 15 inches long 
  • They swim in a group call shoals
  •      Piranhas eat  their  young 
  Piranha are interesting animals from small little to big dangerous creatures. Piranhas swim in a group call shoals. If a predator attacks one of the piranhas the group will attack the predators. A piranha could actually grow to 8 to 15 inches. When a piranha does not have no food they eat their young.(Active wild)

Monday, January 11, 2016


paragraph 1
  • Makes a lot of money 
  • her life is parties etc 
  • A lot of excited fans 
  • Has every thing she wants 

Paragraph 2

  • Once a disney super star 
  • Was loved for a role model 
  • Billy Ray Star upset 
  • Fans upset of R-Rated 
  • Brags about doing Drugs and other stuff 

Paraphrase paragraph

    Miley has anything a girl could wish. She has a bunch of money from all of her concerts. Her life is parties costly clothes and photo shoots. Were ever she goes excited fans follow her to her concerts.

     She was once a disney super star by the show called Hannah Montana. Family though that she was a really great role model for young girls. She brags about using drugs for fun makes inappropriate comments on TV. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus says that he is upset of letting act in the show Hannah Montana and he does not like how she act's. Parents are upset of all the horrible things she does.7 m