Friday, December 4, 2015

Author's POV and Purpose

1. The authors point of view is we should care about other terrorist attack the same  
                        "Then suddenly a story about another terrorist attack popped up online.This time the attack was in Kenya."   
                         "They then passed the article on to other people. Soon thousands and thousand of people had read the article. What many people did not notice was when the article was written.It was first published more than seven months ago on April 3 2015."
                         "Hardly anyone mentioned the Beirut on Facebook or twitter. Some people think the difference is unfair even racist. They  believe it shows that America and other westerners care less about people who are not Western pr white."

2. I agree with the author because if something happens to other countries and we do not care then if the tourist could come and the countries that got attack will not help us with the tourist. 

3. The author purpose is to Inform us that we should be more attend to terrorist attack in other countries 
"Then suddenly a story about another terror attack popped up online, This time the attack was in Kenya until we heard it was published in April 3 2015."

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