Friday, December 11, 2015

Topic and Main Idea

The topic of the article is that we did not care about Kenya but we cared about Paris when it was attack.

Main Idea 1: People in the United states are figuring out about a attack that happen in april
Detail:Several people quickly found an article on the attack written by the british Broadcasting Corp
Detail:In fact  the old article was the first time many people had heard about Kenya attack

Main Idea 2: People started to get worry because the tough they attack in another place
Detail: People started to put stuff about Kenya when the attack of paris.
Detail: Some people think the difference is unfair, even racist.

Main Idea 3: People only cared about paris because it is closer to the U.S
Detail: People are more likely to care when terrible things happen to places that are close.
Detail: "It is perhaps only natural that most Americans were more upset by the attack  in Paris.

Main Idea 4 : People cared about  paris because it's a popular place to go then to Kenya
Detail: "Knowing it is what made so many people share an article from seven months ago they wanted to show that they care about Kenya too.
Detail: American did not care about Kenya that much because not many people visit Kenya

Friday, December 4, 2015

Author's POV and Purpose

1. The authors point of view is we should care about other terrorist attack the same  
                        "Then suddenly a story about another terrorist attack popped up online.This time the attack was in Kenya."   
                         "They then passed the article on to other people. Soon thousands and thousand of people had read the article. What many people did not notice was when the article was written.It was first published more than seven months ago on April 3 2015."
                         "Hardly anyone mentioned the Beirut on Facebook or twitter. Some people think the difference is unfair even racist. They  believe it shows that America and other westerners care less about people who are not Western pr white."

2. I agree with the author because if something happens to other countries and we do not care then if the tourist could come and the countries that got attack will not help us with the tourist. 

3. The author purpose is to Inform us that we should be more attend to terrorist attack in other countries 
"Then suddenly a story about another terror attack popped up online, This time the attack was in Kenya until we heard it was published in April 3 2015."