Friday, November 20, 2015

Author's POV

What responsibilities do people have to animals? : Their responsibilities are to keep the animals for they could not become extinct or we will have no food  

( First article ) It the first article the point they should stop the whales be in creativity because they says they are only going to have a amount of whales is sea world and some orca might go back to the sea also that some visitors made it clear that they wish to see them in their habitat rather then doing tricks.Representative Adam Schiff of California wants to make a law to stop breeding orcas while being in captivity.

(Second article) That  the whale are safer in a aquarium because in 2002 they took a whale name Keiko into the water and in 2003 they found him dead they knew he was going to died because  probably a wild orca might attack him. A other fact is if they release a killer whale it probably could  get sick or not find food one other fact is   under the endangered species it might become extinct so the want to protect them in a aquarium.

They both want to protect them but on article one they want them to be in the ocean for more space and that trick do not matter but one the particle two they want to protect them by letting people taking care of them. They both talk to release killer whale but on the first article they are just going to leave them and in the second article they want to let them out but also take care of them

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