Thursday, October 22, 2015

Story Elements Influence

My book,  I even  funnier a middle school story Jamie Grimm  is one the funniest kid in school. He is so funny he travels to Las Vegas he is like a comedian  but their is one kid that thinks he is most funnier then Jamie Grimm  but the kid's only laugh because a bully tell's them to laugh or they will get beat up  but Jammie travel to Las Vegas and know he is famous.

One Of the problem that Jamie has is that his cousin is the bully and he does not want Jamie to become famous because of his jokes. He helps a kid name Neil that tries to be funny but he is actually not that funny. When Neil says a joke the bully tells the kids to laugh for Neil could win the jokes battle and not Jamie .                                                                                                        

Friday, October 16, 2015

5 senses

I am reading Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. One of my senses is  see is that Greg does  always slouch all the time.In the begging of the book Greg smell's like chlorine because he was in swimming team.I see Greg as a trouble maker because in Christmas Greg mom made a ginger bread house when it was time to eat the gingerbread house it was all eaten because Greg by sneaking into the kitchen he was eating piece by piece.  

Monday, October 5, 2015


The protagonist in my book is Greg because he is the main character and he is the one being push around by Rodrick, the antagonist is Rodrick because in the story Rodrick is pushing Greg around. Also Rodrick made a party and Greg was going to tell his parents when they came back from their vacation. But if Greg told his parents he is going to tell all his friend the embarrassing thing that happen over summer. So Greg need to help Rodrick cleaning the house  or else they are both busted. Also in the begging of the book Rodrick is pushing him around.