Friday, December 11, 2015

Topic and Main Idea

The topic of the article is that we did not care about Kenya but we cared about Paris when it was attack.

Main Idea 1: People in the United states are figuring out about a attack that happen in april
Detail:Several people quickly found an article on the attack written by the british Broadcasting Corp
Detail:In fact  the old article was the first time many people had heard about Kenya attack

Main Idea 2: People started to get worry because the tough they attack in another place
Detail: People started to put stuff about Kenya when the attack of paris.
Detail: Some people think the difference is unfair, even racist.

Main Idea 3: People only cared about paris because it is closer to the U.S
Detail: People are more likely to care when terrible things happen to places that are close.
Detail: "It is perhaps only natural that most Americans were more upset by the attack  in Paris.

Main Idea 4 : People cared about  paris because it's a popular place to go then to Kenya
Detail: "Knowing it is what made so many people share an article from seven months ago they wanted to show that they care about Kenya too.
Detail: American did not care about Kenya that much because not many people visit Kenya

Friday, December 4, 2015

Author's POV and Purpose

1. The authors point of view is we should care about other terrorist attack the same  
                        "Then suddenly a story about another terrorist attack popped up online.This time the attack was in Kenya."   
                         "They then passed the article on to other people. Soon thousands and thousand of people had read the article. What many people did not notice was when the article was written.It was first published more than seven months ago on April 3 2015."
                         "Hardly anyone mentioned the Beirut on Facebook or twitter. Some people think the difference is unfair even racist. They  believe it shows that America and other westerners care less about people who are not Western pr white."

2. I agree with the author because if something happens to other countries and we do not care then if the tourist could come and the countries that got attack will not help us with the tourist. 

3. The author purpose is to Inform us that we should be more attend to terrorist attack in other countries 
"Then suddenly a story about another terror attack popped up online, This time the attack was in Kenya until we heard it was published in April 3 2015."

Friday, November 20, 2015

Author's POV

What responsibilities do people have to animals? : Their responsibilities are to keep the animals for they could not become extinct or we will have no food  

( First article ) It the first article the point they should stop the whales be in creativity because they says they are only going to have a amount of whales is sea world and some orca might go back to the sea also that some visitors made it clear that they wish to see them in their habitat rather then doing tricks.Representative Adam Schiff of California wants to make a law to stop breeding orcas while being in captivity.

(Second article) That  the whale are safer in a aquarium because in 2002 they took a whale name Keiko into the water and in 2003 they found him dead they knew he was going to died because  probably a wild orca might attack him. A other fact is if they release a killer whale it probably could  get sick or not find food one other fact is   under the endangered species it might become extinct so the want to protect them in a aquarium.

They both want to protect them but on article one they want them to be in the ocean for more space and that trick do not matter but one the particle two they want to protect them by letting people taking care of them. They both talk to release killer whale but on the first article they are just going to leave them and in the second article they want to let them out but also take care of them

Friday, November 13, 2015

exciting moment

My book, is Big Nate great minds think alike  by Lincoln Peirce, The most excited part was when Nate tried to give valentines cards to girls that did not, had boyfriends that was most of the excited part because  probably one of the girl will say yes or no. A another excited part was when they were going to snow sliding because they were talking about how cold it was each time they went higher until their nerd friend was talking al math and  Nate push him down the mountain and Nate and his other friend said the started to get warmer just because of pushing his other friend.  Their was one excited part when Nate was trying to break worlds record one was he was going to hold his breath for twelve minutes, another one was he need to balance a brick in his head while walking on broken glass.      

Friday, November 6, 2015

Sensory Language

"She could hear someone fleeing down the hallway."
"they could hear the air conditioner in peoples rooms and someone vacuuming."
"Just checking  to hear if my belt buckle was tarnished."
 It makes it interesting because this is like mystery book and the clues that are found

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Story Elements Influence

My book,  I even  funnier a middle school story Jamie Grimm  is one the funniest kid in school. He is so funny he travels to Las Vegas he is like a comedian  but their is one kid that thinks he is most funnier then Jamie Grimm  but the kid's only laugh because a bully tell's them to laugh or they will get beat up  but Jammie travel to Las Vegas and know he is famous.

One Of the problem that Jamie has is that his cousin is the bully and he does not want Jamie to become famous because of his jokes. He helps a kid name Neil that tries to be funny but he is actually not that funny. When Neil says a joke the bully tells the kids to laugh for Neil could win the jokes battle and not Jamie .                                                                                                        

Friday, October 16, 2015

5 senses

I am reading Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. One of my senses is  see is that Greg does  always slouch all the time.In the begging of the book Greg smell's like chlorine because he was in swimming team.I see Greg as a trouble maker because in Christmas Greg mom made a ginger bread house when it was time to eat the gingerbread house it was all eaten because Greg by sneaking into the kitchen he was eating piece by piece.  

Monday, October 5, 2015


The protagonist in my book is Greg because he is the main character and he is the one being push around by Rodrick, the antagonist is Rodrick because in the story Rodrick is pushing Greg around. Also Rodrick made a party and Greg was going to tell his parents when they came back from their vacation. But if Greg told his parents he is going to tell all his friend the embarrassing thing that happen over summer. So Greg need to help Rodrick cleaning the house  or else they are both busted. Also in the begging of the book Rodrick is pushing him around.  

Friday, September 25, 2015

Story Elements

The setting is  in a farm. Also is close to the beach, I know this because they were saying they should go true the sand  and  escape from the water   by morphing into something the can't see in the sand  and something that they could swim in the water to escape the person. So they turn in to the snake and were slithering in the sand an when they got to the water they were going to morph something that could swim. Know Cassie is like the main character  their is no picture in my book but in the front their is a picture of a girl so she is female and  I think that she is a african american.